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Which martial art did Brad Pitt train in for his role in Fight Club?

There are some videos of him on the extra features of the dvd training in some martial art but I cant tell which one it is. when he fights in the scene against edward norton at the end of the film it looks like kung fu / jeet kune do. the character also uses nunchucks...does anyone no which style he studied????

Which martial art did Brad Pitt train in for his role in Fight Club?
He studied Tai boxing,and judo.
Reply:Hollywood Fu/streetfighting.
Reply:Given the combination of Western style boxing and Kung Fu type kicks probably Thai Boxing or Mui Thai which is full contact and the nearest martial art to street fighting,
Reply:He trained with Chuck Norris
Reply:Its not really a style its what looks good on film, welcome to reality
Reply:angelina jolie fu.

Where can I buy Martial Arts videos?

I want to start doing Martial Arts....I heard it is very challenging and good for the body.

Where can I get a Martial Arts learn it by myself.....

Jeet Kune Do or Kung of those.


Where can I buy Martial Arts videos?
Videos should be used as supplemental purposes. The only way to truly learn a martial art is to have a qualified instructor. Even with the best instructions on video they cannot offer you real time feedback. Just because you think you are preforming a move correctly you may be doing it wrong in which the video cannot correct.

Kung Fu is a general term for Chinese Martial arts there are tons of them so without you saying which one its hard to tell you which videos. There are many kung fus such as Wing Chun, San Shou, San Soo, Drunken Boxing, several different animal styles Crane, Snake, Monkey etc...

anyways to learn about the histories of different arts the show Fight Quest on Discover Channel I think will be promising and similaraly The Human Weapon that aired on the History Channel was good.

You can find the Human Weapon here:;...

Also tons of martial arts videos are offered at;...

You can check out my website for more information on martial arts, you can gain knowledge about different arts and see which ones you might like to take. Sorry I've been a lil busy lately so I havent updated it as much as I wanted to but I will still add more stuff to it

Have fun learning a new art
Reply:even a video wont work. when i first started martial arts i asked the same thing as u including if it was possible to learn online. learning online or on a video will only help a few thigns but i am 100% positive that u will be confused even on the slightest thing like where the fingers should be on a leopard fist because they simply show it and it is not fully detailed. kung fu is very general in ur question. there are many styles of kung fu, traditional and modern. even if u were to look at a style on a video and compare it to a real school, all schools with the same style are not een the same. they may teach the same thing eventually but never at a uniform curriculum unless it is a very good school or a whole entire chain.

of course JKD and kung fu is good for your body, anything physical is. but learning how to fight is most important. i promise u that u will not be able to defend yourself effectivelly in a real life situation without sparring or with a personal instructor that will actually choke u (not full blown) to learn reflex and exactly how to defend yourself. many schools have children learning but when they actually start sparring i can actually see only the art is in their mind not the martial.
Reply:Martial art DVDs are sold in every Martial art supply store. They sell everything included books, clothes, cloves, bags, and videos too... or you can buy it on websites like Ebay, Hope you would achieve your goal. Good luck!
Reply:For a variety of Martial Art videos which are listed at good prices check out the link below

Sports Guy
Reply:you could try this site is on fre offer right now...hope it work:

or you could oder at:
Reply:you can try your nearest video store or mall..if not then try the internet

How do I tell if a DVD is a bootleg?

I recently purchased a dvd on Amazon of Jimmy Norton's HBO One Night Stand. The audio and video don't sync up it's like a late night kung fu movie but the disc isn't blue like a burnt cd. Now I don't think HBO would purposely put out a inferior product so I'm left to question the source of the dvd. By the way I tried 1st but they sent me a e-mail kicking back my order for some reason. is waiting my seller feedback so your input would be helpful.

How do I tell if a DVD is a bootleg?
Coming from, I doubt it's bootleg. That is, unless you bought a used copy. The used copies come from random people, kinda like e-Bay. This will be your main way of knowing if it's bootleg or not in this instance. If you did purchase used, report the seller to so they can't do it again. If it's new, I'd say you got a bad copy. There are some from sellers on that are listed as "new" too, so be careful. What is the label on the disc like?? Is it original and imprinted or is it blank??

Take into account all these things and you'll know bootleg from original. Good luck!!
Reply:You can tell it's a bootleg is if in the middle of the movie you see someone's head pops up or you see popcorn fly across the screen.

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A good website(s) to download shaw bros kung fu movies (freesite or paysite)?

Also does anyone know of a good site that has all or most of the shaw bros movies on dvd for a really good deal? Thanx in advance.

A good website(s) to download shaw bros kung fu movies (freesite or paysite)?
Go to

Anyone else constantly having Kung Fu: the Legend Continues on their mind?2.I wonder how you guys think about?

it. And 3. are you all saddened that the series isn't available on DVD or VHS, like I am? 4. Will that series ever go out on DVD, you think? 5. Wonder why not, do we have to do something in order to get it like... A. snatch a pebble out of TNN directors hands? B. walk on rice paper a couple times without tearing it?

Anyone else constantly having Kung Fu: the Legend Continues on their mind?2.I wonder how you guys think about?
It's my good or bad fortune, depending on one's point of view, to not care for it at all.

Some questions about Chinese Kung-Fu.?

Since I was a boy, I've been fascinated with Chinese culture. Chinese music, Chinese food, Chinese Kung-Fu,

the Chinese language, Chinese history. I love it all. And I love watching Kung-Fu martial artists do their thing. I'm also a huge fan of Kung-Fu cinema, especially the Bruce Lee %26amp; Kill Bill movies, %26amp; yet I don't know how to do one Kung-Fu move.

The reason why I like Kung-Fu is because I just like the overall style...the way Kung-Fu martial artists move, kick, punch %26amp; block. I can't give a really deep answer other then I just think it's cool.

Most of the Kung-Fu schools in my town are too far away from where I live, %26amp; are too pricey, so I thought I should try learning from a DVD. That way, I can practice when I feel like it, but could I become decent at it all from watching a DVD?

If so, can anyone recommend one to me, %26amp; finally, is Kung-Fu a good style to learn from because I've heard there are better styles, but I think that all depends on who's doing it.

Some questions about Chinese Kung-Fu.?
I would take the closest thing to you, maybe karate, Judo, Kenpo or anything else its similar and you can get your foot in the door. Or if your still in high school take wrestling. Kung Fu is cool but the main reason i think you should take martial arts is to defend yourself and Kung Fu isn't necessarily better than any other martial arts.
Reply:Kung fu isn't a style, its a form of martial art with many hundreds of systems/styles within it.

DVD training is of limited use WHEN you have experience however when you have no experience they are only one step above learning from a book. One of the major differences between kung fu and others forms of martial art such as karate, silat, boxing, etc is the fluidity of the art. This is impossible to learn unless you are taught in person. Personally my advice would be this, go to the various schools of kung fu that are within possible travelling distance and explain your difficulties. It may be that it is expensive and you have to do odd jobs in order to pay for lessons but many of us did that in earlier days and travelled major distances for lessons when lessons and instructors were few and far between.
Reply:If you just want to do it for physical fitness health etc videos can be of use but as far as defending yourself probably not .

It's more interesting than buying a set of wieghts and pumping iron which most people quickly get bored with.

Be sure to get instructional videos that break it down move by move so you can get it right not demo videos.

Martial arts are practiced with 3 goals in mind health fitness and self defense you will be aiming at 2 out of 3 of those goals.

good luck
Reply:look up these styles to see the differences, as some are both linear and circular in concepts some are not. San Soo has hanging blocks that are linear in concept as well as windmills and the 8 step patterns that are circular when doing techniques at various angles with and with no block. It uses both concepts as it is not limited.

San Soo

Now Chinese Chuan Fa having roots in Shaolin is basically circular, yet it's offshoots as Kenpo is , also has alot of linear to it. The style Okinawa Te has alot of Linear to it, and was the first style in the islands based from Chinese San Shao, the windmill concept is circular, the hanging blocks are not.

Southern Chinese styles are more hand work as they wore alot of clothing in Southern China due to extreme cold, northern styles where it is warmer having less clothes the styles tend to be alot more leg work.

Some styles are based in animal mimericky, some are not as San Soo . You need to find what your goals are, being combative, health, sport, or lifestyle.

Tai Chi , Wing Chun, Chuan Fa, Shuai Chaou, San Shao, Mantis, 5 animal, eagle claw, etc, they all have a rich history and a way to build both character and ability.

Frank Woosley San Soo in the beginning

Ron Van Brownings San Soo after

Once you learn enough you can learn techniques from many sources. It is not Brain Science. My older brother earned his 3rd degree from Jimi H. Woo in Encino, Ca. I fought my brother growing up. I learnt.

Today you go to prison for even challenging anyone. The law simple, PC 415

1st offense for even the challenge is 3 months in jail.
Reply:OMFG i am tired of people hating on other arts. People have just got to understand that martial arts are not just for fighting. As a matter of fact martial arts is only 50% fighting. The other 50% is dealt with disipline, virtues, philsophy, and the ability to know that if you work hard at something then it will pay of in the end.

People just want to take martial arts just to kick someone's butt, and then when they learn the art and use it in a fight they say it sucks. That's because of 50% of fighting that you learn from martial arts.

Look take this from me any art that will teach you fighting, disipline, virtues, and philsosphy, and hard work is a good art to try, and if you find a Master to teach you ALL of this stuff then he/she is a good master.

Also learning from a DVD is good but nothing compares to a good master by you side. But, if you want to learn from a DVD i reccommend WIng chun Kung fu. It is very easy to pick up and learn so maybe even without a master ou can be good
Reply:Obviously the people here don't understand that you can't just sign up for classes...cough cough Mr. 37 years of martial arts. There are a lot of videos on youtube that you can imitate, and there are also some tutorials up there. Chinese kung fu and wushu are great. What you really need is the passion to learn. It is possible to teach yourself, but a master would be better if you want to get more technical; however, getting yourself out of the completely-beginner stage isn't too hard. We're on the same page here, I can't find any classes around my area, so we have to play by ear most of the time.

There are many techniques involving jumping, high kicks, flips or spins that you CAN teach yourself if you've got the passion. Really, people will tell you that you're never going a back flip in a fight, but if you can do those kinds of acrobatic stuff, it'll be easier to take on the simpler things that are involved in fights. Most important thing is to not take martial arts with the intention of getting in a fight in the near future. Plus you'll get a boost when you take your first lesson. Learn more about different types of martial arts on the Internet, via youtube and wikipedia so you're not completely in the dark.

Here's what I'd recommend if you're serious about teaching yourself: eventually down the line, find a class. There's probably a couple clubs in college. Martial arts involves a lot of stretching. Stretch everyday, make yourself more flexible. If you can teach yourself to do a split (not that hard btw), you're already on a good road. Just stretch your legs, put your leg up on a counter when watching tv and try to touch your chin to your toe (key word: try; never overstretch). Jump over trashcans or fences, and find a punching bag - go nuts on it. A key is to be adventourous and creative. Whenever you learn a new skill, improve it and be happy for yourself. Use sticks as swords or a dog leash for a whip.

Anyway, I'm sure one or two of your friends have taken formal lessons before. You don't have to bug them for free lessons, but if you ever learn a new skill, ask them to take a look. Be prepared for your first lesson and blow them away.
Reply:yeah!!! go azn pride there woot!!! well i recommend doing shaolin kung fu cause thats what im learning and its awesome...dont learn from DVD thats the stupid way...if ppl can learn from DVDs and be good y are there schools? every1 can just learn from a DVD.....u need to go to classes for the 1 on 1 training so they can tell u what u do wrong and how to be better....
Reply:the stuff you learn from dvds and in the kung fu schools are all most likely acrobatics. The stuff you see in movies are wushu, a gymnastics thing disguised as martial arts. It is hard to find a real kung fu fighting arts teacher in america.

When will "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" (tv series) come out on DVD?

Unfortunately, at this time there are no plans for Kung-Fu the Legend Continues, to come out on DVD. There is a web site someplace where you can put your name on an online petition to have it released, but as of right now, there is no expected release date. Sorry.

When will "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" (tv series) come out on DVD?
it says on the website that season one was released

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